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Shingeki no kyojin - Season 2  Shingeki no kyojin (2013) on IMDb

Eren Yeager and others of the 104th Training Corps have just begun to become full members of the Survey Corps. As they ready themselves to face the Titans once again, their preparations are interrupted by the invasion of Wall Rose—but all is not as it seems as more mysteries are unraveled. As the Survey Corps races to save the wall, they uncover more about the invading Titans and the dark secrets of their own members.

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Science-Fiction, War, Animation, Action, Adventure




Languages: ja, en, Japanese,

Produced By: Production I.G, Studio Wanpack, Studio Bihou, MAPPA, Wit Studio, WIT Studio


HTB, MBS, Tokyo MX, BS11, FBS, NHK, Netflix, MBS TV,

Runtime: 25 min

Season Air Date:

Year Released: 2013

Rating: 8.7 out of 10 2715

Content Rating: TV-MA

Season: 2

Episodes: 12

Views: 2746

Quality: HD

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